Hip-Hop and Mental Health

Hip-Hop and Mental Health   The Geto Boys ‘mind playing tricks on me’ has to be one of the most introspective hip hop songs, delving into the…

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Ageism in Hip-Hop

AGEISM IN HIP-HOP by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar   Andre 3000 of Outkast recently said “I’m really more focused on what I am going to be doing 10…

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What Independent Artists Can Learn From Chance The Rapper

Soundcloud had some issues in the middle of July 2017, where they had to let go 40% of their staff without warning, and rumors came about that…

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History of Legal and Business Relationship between the Publishing, Recording and Live Music Industry Sectors.

Legal and Business Relationship and Interaction between the Publishing, Recording and Live Music Industry Sectors. By Ahmed Sabi Abubakar   First of all, it is only appropriate…

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  I met this girl when I was 8 years old, and what I loved about her is she had so much soul, she was old school…

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Grolok Panicrum & Uzee The BovvaKing Present Jazz & Vodka

  Grolok is a French beat maker and Uzee, a Nigerian Hip-Hop artist. They came together to craft this great EP, titled, Jazz and Vodka. They take…

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Music Technology and its effects on Music Business

How music technology has been changing the music industry business and regulations throughout its history. By Ahmed Sabi Abubakar First and foremost, let’s take a walk through…

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