The Bovvaking returns with The Drunken Monk EP. A five track EP following in the footsteps of his previous LP “The Journey of the Magi”.

Producers PukOne, ZubOne, CEB and Duxomaniac join Uzee in his quest to bare more of his soul as he shows appreciation on the PukOne produced “A Toast to the Whole Crew”, which is followed by “LoGo”, where the BovvaKing raps over a funky soulful beat provided by CEB.

He slows down a bit for “The View” and picks it up just a bit as he channels his Zen on the appropriately titled track and closes the EP with “On Everything” which is delivered in true MC format complete with the boom bap sound accompanied with complimentary strings.

The Drunken Monk is uniquely Uzee, but is easily recognizable as non-mainstream hip-hop music, which is having a time of its life on a global scale.

Hip-hop fans everywhere would appreciate this one right here.


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