Cave of Adullam is an online Music Label and Digital Marketing Firm. We build a global fan/customer base for our artists and clients through the internet.
Our focuses are non-mainstream music, and products for a niche audience.
We help identify your global fans/customers, and connect you to them.

Label Services

As a Record Label run by artists, we understand everything independent artists need. We work directly with artists to help take their music to market.

Royalties Management

We help our Artists/Clients register with PROs and in Licensing, Publishing, and royalties collection for digitally broadcasted music, as well as music played on the radio, used in TV or played in public.

Social Media

We work together with our Artists/Clients to develop effective social media campaigns that’ll help get their content to the right audience.

A&R Services

If you need help connecting with like artists and producers globally, through our vast artist network, we could organize a collaboration that would add spice to your catalog.

Legal & Business

We have partnerships with law firms that would provide legal guidance when needed.

Design Services

Affordable and professional Artist Website design services are available, as well as design services for social media campaigns, cover art, and physical marketing materials.


The Label is run by artists and entrepreneurs who have used the internet to build a loyal fan/customer base, and have been able to replicate the same success in other artists' careers as well as other ventures.


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