Ok, so you aren’t a graphic designer, but you tend to need images and videos for your social media, websites, resumes, invitations etc.

Always needing to find a professional can be expensive, especially when you need such services often. I have good news for you, you can DIY without having to learn how to use software like Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, Corel Draw etc.

You can’t escape a bit of learning, but these tools have a very low learning curve, and if you get a little creative, you might just be able to do almost anything with them.

So here they are;

1. Canva


Canva is a truly revolutionizing product, empowering millions of people to create designs ranging from various social media posts to logos, T-shirts, presentations, posters, and almost anything you can think of.

Professional designers hate on Canva, but there’s really nothing they can do, except to get with the program. With the paid version you might as well not need any other tool, but the free version still requires you to leave the site for other resources.


2. Remove.bg


Need to remove an image background and use it flexibly? This has to be the most convenient way to do it online. To do this a few years back, you’d have to use a software like PhotoShop to trace the outline of the object you want to separate, but, thanks to AI, we’re here, and this just seems like the beginning.

There are still limitations especially if the image you’re working with is full of indistinct objects. Other than that, Remove.bg would make life easier for you. To get full-size images you’d need to pay, but free sample images are good to use in most instances.


3. Kapwing


Now let’s talk about video, it’s frustrating trying to edit video, especially when you find an app that solves your problem but then leaves a watermark on your video except you pay. We know companies need to make money to survive, but common’ aren’t we in a recession, lol.

Anyway, with Kapwing and a good internet connection, you can create, edit by adding text, subtitles, images, effects, and so much more for free without any watermark. However, you’d have to learn how to patiently navigate the studio, and play around with the features a bit. Once you do get a hang of with, you’ll be able to do a lot with it.

4. Stock Photos

Free professional images to use as you please with a few restrictions here and there are one of the best things that have happened to the internet. Being able to avoid spending money on hiring models and photoshoots is a huge deal.

Diversity is still an issue, but it’s becoming less so as more regions and races are contributing content.

Here are some of the most popular;

There are a lot more free and paid, images, vector images, and stock videos.

Bonus (Edited on 12/02/2021)

Another very helpful resource for removing backgrounds that can be used instead of Remove.bg is Background Remover by Experte.com. It is completely free, with no hidden fees whatsoever.


I went from needing professional graphic and video editing services every other day to only needing them every couple of months thanks to all the aforementioned resources. You could also convert file types and bulk resize images online for free. When you could afford to use paid services, please do, as a lot of work is put into these tools, some don’t ask for anything other than credit. Whichever way you choose to show your appreciation, please do.