Uzee The Bovvaking – The Bamboo Effect

Uzee The Bovvaking – The Bamboo Effect

Uzee The BovvaKing returns with The Bamboo Effect EP. A 4 song EP with 2 songs produced by Norway based Lithuanian producer and Cave of Adullam’s A&R director, C.E.B, and one each from Norwegian Duxomaniac and German BRKLS.

Germany, Nigeria, and Norway all find themselves collaborating on this album through their citizens, birthing beautiful hip-hop music for the global underground.

Hip-hop is now universal, a culture that originated in New York in the 1970s and over the last 40 years has spread all over the world. The internet has enabled hip-hop communities, which have fueled collaborations, and Bovvaking’s projects are a bright example of the brilliance that stems from all of the passions and diversity invested.


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