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The Hip-Hop Shame

The Hip-Hop Shame by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar   Is hip-hop an inferior genre? Is it just a stepping stone to other genres? Have you noticed how some…

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The Game Don’ Changed

By Ahmed Sabi Abubakar   ‘Change is the only thing that is constant’, this is a common saying. And it is as true as it is common.…

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Hip Hop Is Dead?!

This has to be the most used phrase and asked question amongst Hip Hop lovers all around the world, especially since Nas tilted his 2006 album ‘’Hip…

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What Independent Artists Can Learn From Chance The Rapper

Soundcloud had some issues in the middle of July 2017, where they had to let go 40% of their staff without warning, and rumors came about that…

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Music Technology and its effects on Music Business

How music technology has been changing the music industry business and regulations throughout its history. By Ahmed Sabi Abubakar First and foremost, let’s take a walk through…

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