"We assisted Black Psalmist with designing her website, setting up distribution for her music, and A&R services."

“I have been blessed with the pleasure and opportunity to work with Uzee The BovvaKing. As I always remind him when he expresses his deep appreciation for the music I’ve been co-creating with God lately…I make it known that he inspired my getting back to my pen and pad when he reposted my posts JUST AS I WAS DECIDING WHETHER TO TAKE A BREAK FOR 2020 and start recording music in 2021. His reaching out to me inspired me to keep pushing even though we’re going through our personal challenges coupled with the pandemic because MUSIC HAS A HEALING POWER and with it, we breakthrough always because music is God and God is HipHop as I say in one of my songs. Beyond being an amazing Emcee/Creative, Uzee The BovvaKing is a blessing servant of God and The HipHop Culture because he consciously celebrates other Artist’s work on his platform so that the message of Hope For A Better World and A Better People continues to be heard and seen.

🖤🌼with all that said…I’m paying homage to the one who inspires me through God’s grace in my life; Uzee The BovvaKing; thank you and may God continue blessing you to keep being just the way you are. If you change, may you change to be different expressions of the same source of blessing Beingness you are.


Date: August 2020
Website: blackpsalmist.com
Category: Web Design, A&R Services, Distribution.